5th Aug. 1869

To whom it may concern,

If this letter finds you, I regret to inform you my dear Chuckaboos and fellow plant hunters that I haveĀ  perished in the delightfully deadly swirling eddies of the Naruto Strait or blew off the peak of Mt. Killabaloo without my Umbrella as a parachute, became a cropper in the Himalayas or quite possibly been chum for some Voracious reptile lurking in the depths of the Nile…

Alas, Damfino! I was getting to be at a dizzy age anyway my daddles were failing me and my eyes are no longer what they used to be, even with my hand lense! Apart from my life’s work being spiffingly Nanty Narking I do hope to leave my enthuzimuzzy to the next generation of curious plant chasers.

So please do join me on my quest crossing Continents through space and time, scaling mountains and braving the high seas in search of the Peculiar, delving into the depths of the oldest history books in search of the extraordinary and the downright deadly offerings that the plant kingdom dost’ bequeath us….

Most eccentrically yours,

Mrs. Oddie