If anyone has ever wondered why I think plants are completely cool as f🌺ck, take this lily species Victoria amazonica (Eurgale amazonica) for example, the sex changing pineapple beetle brothel that only shares its sweet but fabulous life with us for 48 hours. The flower opens up on its first evening white, attracting ready and willing beetles with its sweet pineapple scent while emitting heat as an added party trick. Of course because its hot and smells like amazing pineapples, the sex of the flower is now naturally female and shes ready to ‘make the magic happen’ she closes round the beetles while they amble about within transferring pollen to stigma . The next night she rises above the water making her debut as a fully fertilised male flower opening up to reveal a now purplish red colour, living out the day as a fully fledged male sending out his beetles to the next sweet pineapple lady flower, only to sink below the water for one last time…. Shantay you stay Amazonica


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